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Problem with an order. In need of a refund.Problem with an order. In need of a refund.

Consumer Protection »Posted 31 Jul 2017 Post Answer

legal question Hello.
A few weeks ago I made an order to (the German webpage) and had it delivered to Amsterdam, NE. The problem is that the order was not delivered to the adress that I had previously stated. After some struggle we found out that the adress delivered to the UPS parcel service does not match the one that I gave to Amazon. Plus, I have legal documents that proves this.
After this we contacted EU Costumer Service and they told us that as both the trader and are from Germany, the german costumer service should defend the case, but we have had some struggle with that too.
Of course, Amazon Costumer Service has acknowledged their mistake but refuse to do a refund.
For this we are starting to run out of options and I would trully apreciate your advice.
Also, please only contact me trough email.
Thank you for your time,
Mariel Varisco

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